Our thoughts and persepctives

Our company is a process-minded firm. We make every attempt to match our technical expertise with a thoughtful approach to the tasks at hand - the process of accurately completing our work with efficiency and quality. Our thoughts often question the status-quo and are occasionally considered disruptive. We have begun to record some of our thoughts and experiences within "white papers." These publications speak to technical topics, professional relationships, and general issues that impact the engineering profession and community.

Feel free to download, read, print, and share these documents. We do ask that you maintain them in their original format. We make every effort to maintain accuracy with statements that we make. Should you wish to discuss our perspectives, feel free to contact us.

False Economy: An Analysis of Packaged Equipment Economizer Systems

This Applied Engineering White Paper (click on title to download) explains the concept behind air handler economizer systems and then explores the reality of these accessories, especially as they are applied in packaged (unitary) equipment.

A Better Package: The Key to Significant Energy Savings

The current state of packaged equipment design is discussed in this Applied Engineering White Paper (click on title to download), as well as the possibilities that exist for the future.

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